Distribution Management System

Welcome to DMS, Our Distribution Management System will make your sales distribution to distributor and retailer much more professional and it is the tool that all company use.

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Manage by real time

Online sales staff located via GPS with 3G and orders are made at the point of sale

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Track detailed business

Detailed tracking of the business situation of distributors, agents, shops

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Unified data

Identify data between company and distributor and point of sale

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Smart monitoring

Management and development of distribution networks need to be quantified into targets


  • Streamline for your sale man work load, process of order without paper when visit customer. Sales admin can easy monitor sale volume and provide policy, contract immediately.

  • Sales manager easy setting for visit route, and have better view for sales team to response the market sales and competitors.

  • Marketing can have report of market, sales, competitors, sales price of competitors, provide short and long term marketing program

  • Distributor and retailer can easy order and monitor closely with the marketing program as well as the policies, news from factory

Amazing Features

For business

Got a overview to all customer system, distribute on route, distribution channel

Control, monitor, all activities of salesmen through GPS

Manage order online, fast control for selling and delivery

Centralize data and unify

System give the right and correct report, execute quickly and keep to date for market

For Salesman

Easy definition, and create visit route and calendar for our staffs

Create and transfer the order on the road with mobility

Reduce time for manual report weekly/monthly/quarterly

Make the professional when working with customer

Increase sale effective -> increase sales volume -> increase salary

DMS SRceenshoots

Visit Route

Visit customer via Route on DMS help the sales team to fully follow the steps by the company

Saving Cost

Optimize the cost of implementing sales support programs


Picture at POS location and information inside the store, enabling the company to assess the market at the office


No more paper work, concentrate on sales and take care customer and market


Optimizing distributor inventory, ensuring the supply of goods to the point of sale is not interrupted


Data is timely, multidimensional , and all department see the same data