Core Features

Trusu Awesome Features

Everything you need

Navigation & GPS

Help guard house to manage truck go In and out easy and the system can lead the way GPS navigation

Fair bidding

Save cost by bidding system and Fair prices by bidding

Easy Management

Easy to manage truck, accounting and reduce time for orders goods with factory

Real-time Reporting

Easy for logistic and management decision, make process for sales faster and increase profits

How It Work

To Use Our Application

Watch the video to know Trusu will bring great solutions for your factory

What's the strength of Trusu?

We offer Your Needs

We always bring comprehensive solutions for your factory management

Fully Responsive

Trusu software is easy to use, little manipulation. Data entry or viewing of reports is also extremely convenient. Everything is available for you to choose and view

Simple but smart

Trusu has no redundant features that make it difficult for users to optimize to provide a complete, fast and accurate report on the operation of the business.

QR code: Fast and accurate

Trusu uses QR codes to truck drive registered with queue system at guardhouse. Make easily manage, track and report

Constant Updates

The software development team regularly to research to update and adjust the software to bring the best experience for customers.

What clients say?

Trusu's Review

There are many people who have used Trusu and most are happy with this product