An education app developed by Vietnamese programmers, AskNow seeks to help students to interact with a host of qualified online tutors.

The app is a startup project initiated by the Unify Smart Tech Joint Stock Company that aims to help students nationwide access the best tutors from all over Vietnam, especially those in remote areas who cannot afford private tutoring.

AskNow removes all limitations of online learning.

AskNow removes all limitations of online learning.

In two months since its release, thousands of students have downloaded the app and registered for the service, benefiting from the knowledge and wisdom of hundreds of qualified tutors and a library of more than 3,000 questions in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and English from grade 1 to grade 12.

"It can be said that AskNow is the ‘new normal’ for Vietnamese education," Unify Smart Tech said in a release.

The education sector currently has to surmount formidable challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure that teaching and learning continues unimpeded by such emergencies.

In this context, the application of information technology comes to the fore, opening up new and positive teaching and learning methods like AskNow as students are required to learn from home instead of school for extended periods of time.

Excellent AskNow tutors are highlighted and honored regularly.

Excellent AskNow tutors are highlighted and honored regularly.

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One of the unique features of this app is the one-on-one interaction with online tutors that it arranges, helping students understand a problem clearly and thoroughly in an easy manner.

Whenever parents and students need to solve a homework quiz, just open the app at any time and AskNow will "grab" a tutor within 20 seconds and open an online chat room for them, providing much more flexibility and saving a lot of time compared to conventional teaching methods.

Studies have shown that many students are shy and lack the confidence to raise their hands in the class and ask questions. They are afraid to be at the receiving end of jibes and jeers from their peers and wary of "bothering" the teacher.

"With AskNow, students can feel free to ask whatever they want and be answered by friendly tutors who understand the feelings of the student," Unify Smart Tech said.

"With a team of masterminds, qualified and experienced tutors carefully tested and chosen, users can rest assured that the knowledge delivered is the right and best fit."

Learning amid the Covid-19 pandemic has become safer and more effective, thanks to apps like AskNow.

Learning amid the Covid-19 pandemic has become safer and more effective, thanks to apps like AskNow.

Parents and students can also choose their favorite tutor after their sessions on AskNow. This is another advantageous feature over other learning forms where students do not have the right to choose the teacher, which can result in difficulties and ineffective teaching methods.

AskNow is not just an education software that meet pandemic conditions, it also creates the habit of active self study among students.

"Every question and answer session is a chance to memorize the lesson being taught. The knowledge thus gained and exchanged stimulates creative thinking," the firm added.

Cre: VNexpress English